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TESEO was established in 1978 by a group of researchers and engineeers that brought into the new company a vast experience in the design of electronic equipment for telecommunication applications and in the execution of measurements in harsh electromagnetic environments. Their skills were soon exploited in the development of fiber optic based equipment for the performance of EMC tests, market niche in which TESEO plays now a primary role.
Other professionals joined the original team, coming from the aerospace and automotive sector: their experience contributed to the development of new products, not only EMC related, and the capability to tailor products to customers’ needs in various market segments.More recent internal developments include the EMC accreditated laboratory, the calibration department and a business unit dedicated to the design of automatic equipment for end of assembly line acceptance testing.

TESEO is today a well structured company equipped internally with all the services needed to support the R&D and production departments.
TESEO operates in the national and international markets to ISO 9001 standards.

The major activities are:

  • design and production of EMC test equipment, mainly adopting fiber optic technology
  • design and fabrication of automatic test equipment
  • sale of EMC related products, from full laboratories inclusive of anechoic chamber to single components
  • distribution in Italy of telecom equipment
  • maintenance and repair of electronic equipment
  • EMC test laboratory
  • electronic calibration laboratory
  • measurement of fields for human safety applications

Most of the products exported are devised for EMC applications. The best selling units are fiber optic links for field levels as high as 200 V/m. As a consequence typical customers belong either to the aerospace, military or automotive markets that generally perform immunity tests at the highest fiel levels.
The list of TESEO international customers include almost all car makers in Europe, America and Asia. A good number of electronic automotive manufacturers worlwide has already purchased some TESEO fiber optic products, from camera or intercom systems to analog acqusisition/control links or virtual instruments.
The aerospace and defence sectors are also becoming an interesting marketplace for TESEO. In spite of the care dedicated to shielding of copper cables and grounding problems, the need for fiber optic connections is expanding rapidly with the continual increase of test levels. The sector is followed by TESEO with a sepcial interest as it generated often in the past new requirements and the opportunity to design new products.
In Italy the sale activity is more concentrated on complete solutions for EMC laboratories. Most electronic manufacturers and EMC test facilities are included in the TESEO customers’ list. Services like EMC tests in the TESEO laboratory or calibrations help adding new customers every day, in particular between small to medium size firms that are not equipped with a laboratory of their own.

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